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General informations

Every year, blind football competitions are organized in France by the “French Federation for Sports for Disabled” and the French Blind Football Committee (FBFC).

There are two types :

  • The French National championship : it takes place throughout the year in different days or phases. There is a French championship in category B1 (blind) and a French championship in category B2/B3 (partially sighted).

  • The French National Cup : a one-time event held over one weekend per year. All clubs can participate, even those not playing in the national championship. There is also a National Cup B1 and B2/B3.

When a club becomes champion of France, it undertakes to put its title back into play the following year and to return the trophy during the final stages of the following championship. However, if a club manages to win two consecutive championships, the trophy belongs to it permanently. The procedure is identical for the French Cup : it is put back into play every year ; a club winning the cup two years in a row can keep it permanently.

For both categories, in championship or in French cup, the attribution of the points for the ranking is organized in the following way :

  • Won : 3 points
  • Tie game  : 1 point
  • Loss : 0 point

If a club forfeits the match, it loses the match by 3 to 0 and is deducted 1 point in the general ranking.

Ties in the finale ranking

In the event of a tie at the end of the different phases, the following procedure will be used to establish a ranking between the teams : (in order of priority, move to the next point in case of a new tie)

  • Direct confrontation : we count the number of points obtained by the teams during their direct confrontations. Example : if two teams are tied on points but one of them has won its two games against the other, it will take the advantage in the ranking.
  • General  “goal average” : the clubs are separated by the difference between the goals scored and the goals conceded by each of them over all the games.
  • The « fair-play » : the number of cautions and exclusions received during the matches between them and then over all the matches. The team with the least number of cautions/exclusions will take the advantage in the ranking.
  • The most offensive team : the one that will have scored the most goals
  • Drawing lots : the last resort

National French Championship

B1 category (blind players)

Teams are divided into “groups” and compete in regional round robin matches. The teams finishing first in each group will qualify for a final phase or “play-off” during which a triangular tournament will determine the French National Champion. The other teams will compete to determine the final ranking of the championship.

In category B1, a match of the French championship takes place in two periods of 25 minutes in continuous time. This means that a stoppage of play (such as a foul or goal clearance) will not stop the clock.

For the 2021/2022 season, eleven teams are competing for the title of Champion of France.

They were divided into two regional groups :

  • a North group composed of six teams :
    • RC Lens Cécifoot
    • Brussels 5-a-side Anderlecht
    • Sporting Cécifoot Schiltigheim
    • FC Cécifoot Précy sur Oise
    • AS Cécifoot Saint-Mandé
    • Paris AVH
  • a South group composed of five teams :
    • Don Bosco Cécifoot
    • Toulouse Football Cécifoot
    • Cécifoot Sport Athlétique Mérignacais
    • Cécifoot Poitiers
    • Bondy Cécifoot Club

B2/B3 category (partially sighted)

Teams play each other in three round robin championship phases at different locations each time. All teams travel to each phase. The ranking at the end of the three “weekends” of competition allows to determine the champion of France B2/B3.

In this category, a match is played in two periods of 20 minutes in effective time. This means that a stoppage of play (such as a foul or goal clearance) will stop the clock.

For the 2021/2022 season, eight teams are competing for the French championship title :

  • ACBB Boulogne-Billancourt
  • AS Bondy cécifoot
  • AVH Paris
  • Marseille
  • HAC (le Havre cécifoot)
  • AS Villeurbanne
  • Sporting Cécifoot Schiltigheim
  • Standard de Liège Cécifoot

French National Cup

The French Cup is an annual event over two to three days whose location changes with each edition. It is a major event of the French blind football with a great number of participating teams ; their exact number being variable from one year to another. It allows to discover the blind football in the regions where it is established during a weekend.

The event is common to both categories with one competition for B1 and another for B2/B3. It is the only occasion in the year that allows the participants of both categories of blind football in France to meet.

The teams are divided into several groups drawn beforehand. The competitors of the same group will all compete once, allowing to establish a ranking. The first of each group will compete in two semi-finals and the winners in a final.

Poster of the French Cup in 2019 in Rousies (Hauts-de-France)
(The 2020 edition has been cancelled)
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