The 2022 Hamburg blind football Master with the French U23 team : from october 1st to october 2nd 2022

The French U23 blind football team is going to Hamburg in Germany this weekend to participate in the 15th edition of this international Master.

Official tournament poster

The Hamburg Master is now an annual event for the French U23 players. As a reminder, last year, our U23 finished 4th in the tournament.

This year, the French team will face five other teams :

  • FC St-Pauli : the title holders
  • Avoy Mu Brno : a Czech team
  • l’AC Crema : a italian team
  • Wisla Krakow : a Polish team from Krakow
  • Merseyside BFC : a english team

The tournament will take place with a preliminary phase where each team will play each other once during a single 25 minutes period. A ranking will then be established allowing to organize two semi-finals (1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd) and then a final. The final phase will be played in two 20-minute periods.

The complete program of the preliminary phase of the tournament

The updated ranking can be found here

French U23 team at the previous edition of the Hamburg Master 2021
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