Presentation of national blind football teams

In France, blind football became a sport discipline in its own right in March 1998 during the very first official General Assembly, marking the beginning of the structuring of this sport in our country and the organization of the first competitions. The constitution of a national team could thus begin, with the support of the official authorities.

In category B1, the very first international trip of the French team took place in September 1998 in Sanremo (Italy) during a friendly tournament. The “Bleus” of the time faced England, Spain and Italy ; nations already well established on the European scene.

At the world level, the reference competitions “International Blind Sports Association” (B1 and B2/B3) started in 1997 with a first European championship in September in Barcelona and then a first world championship one year later, in September 1998, in Campinas (Brazil).

Official logo of the International Blind Sports Association

As for the two French categories (B1 and B2/B3), they had the opportunity to experience their very first official competition in 1999 :

  • at the second European championship of the B1 category in Porto (Portugal) in June 1999 : France finished 5th out of 5 participating nations
  • at the second European championship of the B2/B3 category in Minsk (Belarus) in October 1999 : France finished 5th out of 7 participating nations

Thus, since these official beginnings, the various teams of France took part in many international competitions of reference following one another with a regular frequency :

  • European championships : every 2 years
  • World Championships : every 4 years (between two Paralympic Games)
  • Paralympic Games : every 4 years (between two World Championships)

In 2019, a third national team came to complete the two others : the French U23 B1 team.

The French U23 team : the future of French blind football

Find below the pages dedicated to the three French national teams

The French senior team category B1

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The French senior team category B2/B3

[page under construction due to the upcoming reformation of a French B2/B3 team]

The French U23 team category B1

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