Hamburg Master 2022 : France U23 finish fifth, Merseyside champions against FC St-Pauli

The Hamburg 2022 tournament, which took place from 1 to 2 October 2022, lived up to its promise with some great matches ! The home team FC St Pauli lost their title to the valiant team of Merseyside BFC.

B1 Finale Master Hambourg 2022
02-10-2022 location

Credits : Stefan Groenveld

In the match for the third place, the Italians of AC Crema finally got the better of the tenacious Czechs of Avoy Mu Brno after a penalty shootout !

B1 Match troisième place Master Hambourg 2022
02-10-2022 location

As for the French U23 team, they unfortunately could not qualify for the semi-finals by finishing 5th of the preliminary phase. Our young players had to play the match for the 5th place of the final ranking against the Polish Wilsa Krakow. The victory was acquired in the penalty shoot-out : 2 goals to 1.

Credits : Stefan Groenveld

If we look at the stats of the competition, only one defeat conceded against the future winner of the tournament, four draws and one victory in the penalty shoot-out. If we have to retain only one conclusion : NO goal was scored in the match by the French U23 team. On the other hand, only one goal was conceded !

The U23 french coach confirmed these impressions at the end of the tournament :

We note a progress of the collective on the mental and defensive level. But we still have a lot of work to do, especially in terms of technique and offense. A nice learning tournament for our youngsters !

Rémi Garranger, head coach of the blind football french U23 team

Final ranking of the Hamburg Master 2022 (15th edition)

Credits : Stefan Groenveld
  • 1st : Merseyside BFC
  • 2nd : FC St Pauli
  • 3rd : AC Crema
  • 4th : Avoy Mu Brno
  • 5th : France Espoirs U23
  • 6th : Wisla Krakow
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The 2022 Hamburg blind football Master with the French U23 team : from october 1st to october 2nd 2022

The French U23 blind football team is going to Hamburg in Germany this weekend to participate in the 15th edition of this international Master.

Official tournament poster

The Hamburg Master is now an annual event for the French U23 players. As a reminder, last year, our U23 finished 4th in the tournament.

This year, the French team will face five other teams :

  • FC St-Pauli : the title holders
  • Avoy Mu Brno : a Czech team
  • l’AC Crema : a italian team
  • Wisla Krakow : a Polish team from Krakow
  • Merseyside BFC : a english team

The tournament will take place with a preliminary phase where each team will play each other once during a single 25 minutes period. A ranking will then be established allowing to organize two semi-finals (1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd) and then a final. The final phase will be played in two 20-minute periods.

The complete program of the preliminary phase of the tournament

The updated ranking can be found here

French U23 team at the previous edition of the Hamburg Master 2021
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2022 World Grand Prix France : the “Blues” third, Brazil great winner !

The two closing games of this first edition of the World Grand Prix France kept all their promises !

The third place match : France vs Germany

The match starts in a rather balanced way but very quickly, it is the fighting spirit of Arona SOW which allows France to take the advantage. At the third minute of the game, the local striker recovers a ball in the middle of the field and pushes it in spite of two defenders to the opposing goal. He shoots with power almost in front of the goalkeeper who can’t do anything. The Germans will try during all the match to get back to the score with very good opportunities but the French defense knew how to stay solid ! Final score : 1-0 for France !

The “Blues” with the flag of France waiting to enter the field

The final : Japan vs Brazil

A very intense match : both teams maintained a great pressure on each other. The score remained tied at the end of regulation time and Brazil won in a penalty shootout ! The goalkeepers of both teams made some great saves but Brazil finally scored a goal with their last shot. Victory 0-0 1 penalty kick to 0 for Brazil which wins the World Grand Prix France 2022

The happiness of the victory can be seen on the faces of the Brazilian players

Final ranking of the World Grand Prix France 2022

  • First place : Brazil
  • 2nd place : Japan
  • 3rd place : France
  • 4th place : Germany
  • 5th place : Romania

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The World Grand Prix France starts this Sunday August 28th 2022 !

From Sunday, August 28 to Saturday, September 3, 2022, the World Grand Prix France will take place in Schiltigheim, near Strasbourg. It is an international blind football competition where five nations will compete, including France, recent European champion.

Opening ceremony Sunday August 28 at 1pm

The entire event will be streamed from the opening ceremony. The matches will be commented in French on the Facebook page of the event. English commentary will be available on the event’s Youtube channel.

Here is the match schedule :

For any information on the competition, the location of the matches or the latest results, it is here : World Grand Prix France 2022

The French blind football national team

The “Blues” will face famous blind football teams like Brazil, Germany, Japan or Romania.

Here are the players of the French blind football team selected to participate in the competition :

Accessibility for the disabled public

The event will be accessible to people with disabilities, especially visual ones, with :

  • a Braille program of the event to be picked up at the information desk
  • Braille labels for athletes as well as cups, medals and accreditations
  • a 3D map available at the information point at the entrance of the stadium
  • Audio description of the games via audio description boxes available at the information point in English and French

Activities throughout the week

In parallel to the competition, activities will be organized to allow the public to discover the different sports practiced by visually impaired athletes.

  • discovery of du torball
  • discovery of showdown
  • blindfolded penalty kick contest
  • blind courses to put yourself in situation of visual disability

Good competition to all !

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France is the new European champion of blind football !

On June 15, 2022, the French B1 blind football team qualified for the European Championship final by beating Germany in a hard-fought match that was narrowly won on penalties.

Logo officiel du tournoi

The big final of this European championship took place on June 17, 2022 and opposed France to Turkey ; a team that the Blues had already faced in the group stages. A completely different game !

France captain Babacar Niang beats a Turkish player by placing himself between him and the ball

This extremely tense final saw periods of domination by both teams with clear chances. The Turkish team, carried by its extremely efficient number 17, often just missed to open the score. The Blues held on and had some good opportunities saved in extremis by an excellent keeper. At the end of the regular time, the score was still 0 to 0.

So it was time for the penalty shootout, under high tension ! For France, Benoît Chevreau keeps the goals. The first two shooters fail. Still 0-0. The situation is unblocked but still equal : 1 goal for each side.

Benoit Chevreau, the french goalkeeper

The following Turkish player advances and misses his shot. The french captain, Babacar NIANG, absolutely need to score. He shoots and offers the victory 2 goals to 1 to the French team which becomes European champion !


A big congratulations to this French team which knew how to get up after the failure of the Paralympic Games of Tokyo 2020. The Blues are back on top of Europe and have qualified for the 2023 World Championships in Birmingham.

Find all the results and the final ranking of the tournament in this article.

French team celebrating their victory against Turkey and their European Championship title
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Two consecutive defeats for France against Turkey in friendly matches

From April 5 to 7, 2022, the french blind football national team went to Turkey to play two friendly matches against the Turkish national team in the facilities of their national football Federation in Istanbul. This trip was part of the preparation for the European Blind Football Championship next June.

B1 Turquie-France amical avril 2022
B1 Turquie-France amical avril 2022

The French players and goalkeepers selected to go to Turkey can be found here.
To note, the absence of players usually on the field like Frederic VILLEROUX, Tidiane DIAKITE, Gaël RIVIERE or Martin BARON.

The thread of the games

Turkey – France of April 5th, 2022 : 3-1

Match 1 : Ceremony of the beginning of the match. The two teams are side by side with their flag and the referees in the middle
Photo credits : Turkish Blind Football Federation

In the first half, the French team was composed of :

  • Benoit CHEVREAU (goalkeeper)
  • Jérôme PENISSON
  • Babacar NIANG
  • Hakim AREZKI

The Turks quickly take the lead of the game by scoring a goal in the 8th minute and put a constant pressure on the French team. 1-0 for Turkey at half-time.

In the second period, change of goalkeeper for the Blues: Alessandro BARTOLOMUCCI enters. Arona SOW replaces Yvan WOUANDJI. He will enter again later replacing Jérôme PENISSON.

At the 7th minute, a foul is committed in the penalty area on Arona SOW. Babacar NIANG scores the first goal of the “Blues” on penalty. The local team will increase its pressure in attack and will exploit big defensive gaps in our camp. The French goalkeepers had to stop a consequent number of strikes which end up in 2 goals and a final score of 3 to 1 in favor of Turkey. In addition to the defensive problems on this game, the Blues had too few shots in the direction of the Turkish keeper to worry him or disturb their clear domination in the game.

Turkey – France of April 6th, 2022 : 2-0

Match 2 : Turkey has the ball, the French defenders try to stop them.
Photo credits : Turkish Blind Football Federation

In the first half, the French team was composed of :

  • Alessandro BARTOLOMUCCI (goalkeeper)
  • Mickaël MIGUEZ
  • Babacar NIANG
  • Hakim AREZKI

The first period was in the continuity of the game of the day before with major defensive gaps. The locals will take advantage of it to score 2 goals. The score at half-time is 2 to 0.

In the second half, Benoit CHEVREAU keeps the French goals and Arona SOW comes to take the place of Mickaël MIGUEZ. We observe a clear improvement of the defensive and offensive performances of the French team. The Blues manage to compete with the Turks by offering themselves 2 very clear opportunities but finally not concretized. The final score will remain 2 to 0 for Turkey at the end of the game.

And now ?

This trip to Turkey has highlighted the various problems of the French team even if some usual players were absent. The team will have to remobilize and quickly correct the situation before the next big competition : 2022 European Championship. The opportunities to work will not be far away : The “Blues” will meet again in Angers on April 25th to face Turkey again, but this time at home!

French players training in Turkey before their friendly matches
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The Blind Football World Grand Prix 2022 will take place from August 27 to September 4 in Schiltigheim-Strasbourg

The Blind Football World Grand Prix is a major event in blind football world. It is a preparation tournament for the Paralympic Games. It will therefore be organized in France for the 2022, 2023 and 2024 editions in order to prepare the Paris 2024 Paralympics. The future 2022 edition will take place from August 27 to September 4 and will be developed by the The French Blind Football Committee (FBFC) of the French Federation of Sports for Disabled and the local club “Sporting Cécifoot Schiltigheim”.

Official logo of the World Grand Prix 2022

In the continuity of the Japanese tournament of the previous years, the event will bring eight international teams together including France in order to prepare the future Paralympics : acclimatization of the foreign teams and practice of high-level matches.

The teams will play in a large-scale ephemeral structure that can accommodate many spectators.

View of the future World Grand Prix 2022 structure

The competition process will be the same as the Paralympic Games : two groups of four nations ; the first two of each group will play the semi-finals with a big final for the winners.

Information and registration

Registrations are open from now until the end of March for national teams wishing to participate.
For any information or registration request :

This event will be organized in partnership with the association ASA France (All Service Access) and the city of Schiltigheim !

Results and ranking

You can find the latest results on our special page dedicates to the tournament : 2022 France World Grand Prix

Also : ranking of the first phase of the competition

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Tokyo 2020 : France eliminated, the semi-finals are already taking shape after 2 days of competition

In Tokyo, the second day of competition of these Paralympic Games has just ended. There is only one match left to play in the preliminary phases. The semi-finals are already taking shape.

Group A : update

France form a wall in front of their goalkeeper before a free kick against China

France eliminated from the main draw

The French team, responsible for a bad start against Japan in the first day, was able to show a new face against China in the second game. The French were much more involved and concentrated but it was not enough : China won 1-0 at the very end of the game. The regrets are to be directed on the side of the real counter-performance realized against the Japanese : defeat 4 to 0. Unfortunately, after two defeats, the French cannot play any more the medal and the final phases ; they will be condemned to play the matches of classification. We will know their future opponent tomorrow night.

Brazil already in the semi-finals !

After perfect games with victories each time quite large, Brazil is already assured of its place in the semi-finals. The Paralympic Games are really successful for them at each edition !

Copyright : IBSA

Japan or China in the semi-finals ?

It’s the big match tomorrow ! The winner will be qualified for the semi-finals of the Paralympic Games. Both teams have a chance in this match which seems quite open.

France will face Brazil tomorrow at 04h30 French time

Final group match for the French : will they continue to pursue their efforts and succeed in increasing their level of play? To offer a real opposition to Brazil, the best blind football nation in the world, would be a nice reward after the failures of the last days. A good performance would allow France to hang on to the classification match for 5th place in the Paralympics. In case of defeat, the team will play the match for the 7th place.

Group B : update

Argentina in the semi-finals !

Like its South American neighbor, Argentina offered serious games and with its two victories over Morocco and Spain, is assured of moving to the next stage of the competition.

Morocco and Spain: the match for a place in the semi-finals !

As in Group A, there will be a big game tomorrow, Tuesday, August 31 ! Morocco created the surprise by winning 2 goals to 0 against Thailand. They are now equal on points with Spain. Their direct confrontation of tomorrow will determine which of the two nations will go to the semi-finals !

Thailand on the way down

Thailand is in the same situation as France in group A. They are condemned to the exploit this time against Argentina to try to rise a little higher in the Paralympic ranking and avoid the match of the last place.

The schedule for August 31, 2021
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The French B1 national team ready for the Paralympics !

Today, we are now 13 days away from the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games ! The French B1 national team had the opportunity to meet one last time on the weekend of August 6 to 8, 2021 at the Technical Center of La Gaillette in Lens. A big thank you to them for their support throughout the preparation of the team in their way to Tokyo !

The players and staff members selected for the Tokyo Games in a circle, hands in the center

A serious training course to set the final adjustments

With a major competition approaching, intensity is not something we are trying to put in place. It was more about working on key points, repeating specific actions on which “the Blues” can make the difference in a match.

Theme of the training : set-pieces (in french)

The group talked a lot, analyzed their performances in specific work but also during mini training matches. The technical staff has been listening to the players in the development of strategies that will be used during the Games. Obviously, the details will not be mentioned here.

Analysis of an action between the coach and a player

A last moment of sharing as a team

This training course was also an opportunity to get together as a group. Indeed, the next meeting will be at the airport on the day of departure. The moments in common had a family atmosphere mixing concentration and relaxation.

Now, each player will take advantage of the last two weeks to perfect his preparation but also to rest and spend time with his family before the big day.

Departure for Tokyo : Saturday, August 20, 2021.

Players and staff in discussion along the side barrier

The coach’s words

In conclusion of this weekend, the team appeared very motivated allowing the coach to conclude with these words “We are ready ! Now it’s up to us to do the job !”

Come on team France !

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Two defeats but lessons learned for the U23 french team !

This Saturday, July 31 and Sunday, August 1, 2021, European blind football turned to the youth and therefore its future. The French U23 team had a meeting with its counterpart from the other side of the Rhine : the German U23 team (under 23).

The objectives of this meeting were multiple with in particular a will of the two countries to create a European and even world dynamics around the young U23 teams.

Moments of exchange and sharing between players and staff

Common trainings were realized with technical exercises animated successively by the French and German staffs. This was an opportunity to exchange on the different training methods and thus to perfect the training of our players. Learning through exchange and openness to others : what could be more beneficial for everyone ?

The German and French U23 teams
Credits : Maxime Burgun

Two games in real conditions

The two teams played each other in two games : one game on Saturday and one game on Sunday. Here are the results :

The first match

The game was complicated with a lack of defensive organization on the French side. The Germans, with several players already in the senior national team, were much more realistic.
Added to that, the young french players have cruelly lacked offensive actions in this game. It did not take more to our European neighbors to close the game on the final score of 2 goals to 0 to their advantage.

The German U23 team celebrates a goal!
Credits : Maxime Burgun

The second match

This second confrontation allowed to set up a better defensive organization on the side of the French. However, it is the physical aspect which was cruelly missing ! Our players were quickly tired, leaving the field free to the German attackers. The final score is severe : 7 goals to 1 for our neighbors !

U23 team goalkeeper ready to block a ball thrown towards his goal
Credits : Hubert KIEFFER

Hocine SAHRAOUI : first goal scorer in the history of the French U23 team

During the second match, Hocine SAHRAOUI (n°2) scores a goal and finally opens the counter of the U23team, founded in 2019. This is indeed the very first goal in competition for this collective. A release ? The future will tell us. In the meantime, congratulations to Hocine !

Hocine SAHRAOUI, n°2, first scorer of the french U23 team
Credits : Hubert KIEFFER

In conclusion : hard work and a victory for blind football

Certainly, these two heavy defeats have allowed us to measure the road that remains to be traveled for the French U23 team in its path towards the High Level and Performance. But the desire and the involvement were present, favoring the questioning and the definition of new objectives. It was very hard physically for the young French : the staff is already preparing the future trainings.

The sport, blind football, emerged from this common weekend as a great success. Everyone had fun, was able to exchange and compare their points of view. What to sport other European nations and the organization of future days with U23 teams ? To be continued…

A German and a French player talking with young visually impaired children
Credits : Maxime Burgun

This week-end was made possible thanks to the support of the French-German youth Office. A big thank you to them.

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The official selection of french players who will compete in the Tokyo Paralympic Games

After the final trip to Cadiz last weekend, the national head coach of the French blind football team has ended the suspense. Here is the list of the players who will defend the colors of France during the Paralympic Games of Tokyo in the discipline blind football.



Congratulations to the selected athletes and good luck to the whole team in this huge adventure : the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games !

Let’s go Team France !

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The French B1 national team leaves serenely from its last trip before the Paralympics !

This Saturday, July 24, 2021, the french national team was present in Cadiz (Spain) to play two friendly games against the Spanish selection. This was the last trip of the French team before the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

The French B1 team in a circle, the coach in the center, for the last instructions before the game

During these last moments in real opposition, the national coach, Toussaint Akpweh, was able to make his final observations/tactical tests before making his final decision : the official selection of the players who will go to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. The list should be communicated very soon.

Match results

The first game : one goal and a good management

The starting team consisted of the following players :

From the first half, the French team takes control of the game and breaks away from the score with a goal from Frederic VILLEROUX.

In the second half, the coach will choose to turn his squad by bringing in Yvan WOUANDJI instead of Tidiane Diakhité and Benoit CHEVREAU instead of Alessandro Bartolomucci.
The game remains under control and the team keeps its lead in the score. A few fouls to report that will give the opportunity to the Spanish to get a double-penalty with one minute to go. Fortunately : not converted. Final score : 1-0 for France.

The starting team for the first Spain-France friendly

The second game : configuration tests, a nice come-back but a narrow defeat

The starting team consisted of the following players :

The Spanish, certainly angry about the morning game, are very offensive and very conquering. At the end of the first half, the locals lead by 2 goals to 0.

In the second half, the French team makes some changes that will allow them to come back to the score 2-2. Goal of Tidiane DIAKITE and Babacar NIANG on a double penalty. The Spanish are more feverish in the second half with six fouls in the 8th minute.

However, after a nice comeback, “Les Bleus” slacken slightly and allow the locals to score a third goal. France obtains a second double-penalty but unfortunately it will not be converted. Final score : 3 goals to 2 for Spain.

Mickaël Miguez shoots during training against Jérémy Sauffisseau

In conclusion, these last moments of games before leaving for the ultimate competition have brought comfort to the French team in terms of its tactical choices. The base is solid, the replacement options are numerous and very interesting : a good news only one month before the Paralympic Games. A final meeting will take place in Lens in 15 days before flying to Japan !

Let’s go team France !

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World Grand Prix : review after three days of competition

Retour à la version française

Three days of competition have just ended in Tokyo in this 2021 edition of the World Grand Prix. Tomorrow, no match, all the teams have a rest day : the opportunity to take stock !

Official logo of the 2021 World Grand Prix
Picture credit : SANTEN, Japan Blind Football Association

Last results

The French B1 team did not play this Tuesday, June 1, 2021 while two games were scheduled. In the morning, Argentina won 4 goals to 3 against Thailand after a game full of twists and turns ! Indeed, the Thai team first conceded a goal before scoring two goals in quick succession, making the solid Argentina team doubtful at the end of the first half. When they returned to the field, the South Americans took control of the game and managed to impose their game : 4 goals to 2 in the 16th minute. At the very end of the game, Thailand managed to reduce the score and scored a goal from the penalty spot with one second left ! Incredible game which offers however three points to Argentina and 2 victories in 2 games. Final score : 4-3 for Argentina.

At the beginning of the afternoon, Spain faced the local team, Japan. This match was highly anticipated. The host team is indeed the team in form of the moment with two victories in the first two days. Spain, on the other hand, had a difficult start with a 3-2 defeat against Thailand. It was absolutely necessary to win to remain in good position for the title. At the beginning of the match, the game is balanced, opportunities on both sides but the first half ends on a blank score 0-0. In the second half, on a very nice move of the goalkeeper at the 9th minute, the Japanese number 11 dribbles the defense and scores ! Japan confirms that it will be necessary to count on them in this tournament. However, Spain will not admit defeat and will hold on until the end by scoring 1 goal at the 18th minute.

Results of Day 3 of the competition

Ranking after the third day of the tournament

Check the updated tournament ranking at any time!

As a confirmation, Japan is still leading the ranking three days after the beginning of the tournament : 7 points and a goal difference of +2. The local surprised the other teams by their offensive qualities.
However, it is a fragile position because they are closely followed by Argentina (6 points) who has still one game to play. For sure, their direct confrontation on Thursday, June 3 is very expected ! However, except major reversal unlikely, Japan is very close from the final of its tournament.

As for the other teams, nothing is played yet ! Thailand can still disturb the leading duo with a last game to play against the French team. “Les Bleus” are condemned to success if they want to qualify for the third place match. The final of the tournament seems, as for it, already inaccessible.
For Spain, everything is still possible, they still have two games to play.

Finally, at the end of this third day of exciting matches, only Japan can dream of the final, followed by Argentina. For the other teams, everything remains to be done !

Schedule of the next days

Before moving on to the final phase of the tournament, there are still two days to be played, four games that promise to be exciting.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Spain will face France at 10:30 am Japanese time (3:30 am French time) for the European duel of this tournament !
To be followed at 1pm (6am French time), the highly anticipated Japan-Argentina match !

Friday, June 4, 2021

France will face Thailand at 10:30 am Japanese time ; a match full of stakes for Thailand which will certainly be a formidable opponent ! “Les Bleus” will have to be vigilant.
To conclude this day, Spain will challenge Argentina !

The teams will rest in Tokyo this Wednesday, June 2, 2021 to offer us beautiful games, stay tuned on our networks for more information !

Detailled schedule of play : here
Updated ranking : here
To discover the french national blind football team : here
World Grand Prix competition process

France-Argentina at the World Grand Prix 2021 – the French defense against the formidable Argentine attack
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The U23 team : a close-knit group

The French U23 national blind football team was in Schiltigheim from May 14 to 16, 2021 for a training camp. Throughout the weekend, the team appeared to be very close-knit, united towards a common goal of progress.

The French U23 team in a circle, with the hands of each one in the center, for the shout of encouragement at the beginning of the training

The themes of this training course were the offensive game and the taking of initiatives in match. Capital points in the preparation of their future international tournament of reference at the beginning of October.

Course of this training camp

With one training session on Friday, three on Saturday and one on Sunday morning, the pace was fast. The goal was to analyze the reaction of the players to fatigue : a very common notion in blind football when you have to play several games in the same day.

A session with the U23 always follows the same pattern : presentation of the day’s objectives, 1min30 of silent concentration to better immerse oneself in the session to come, then a scouting of the field. Then come the global warm-ups and the more specific ones with ball.

Group warm-up at the beginning of the session

Always with the aim of developing the offensive qualities of the players, mini-matches with a theme were concocted by the technical staff. For example, the Bleus Espoirs had to compete in teams of three with the following instruction : if a goal was scored, it was only counted if the whole team had crossed the halfway line. The objective was to stimulate the game forward.

Training match of the French U23 team in three against three

Development of creativity

In order to one day reach the highest level, the work is not limited to the blind football field. Many external elements can support the search for performance. This is why the coach of the French U23 team, Rémi Garranger, chose to have his group participate in a theater workshop. Indeed, the notions of creativity, imagination and team cohesion are concepts that can be very useful in a match !

The U23 group meets for a theater workshop

And about the goal keepers ?

While the players were developing their offensive abilities, the goalkeepers were training under the supervision of their specific coach, Benoit Chevreau, goalkeeper of the French senior team. Physical work, development of reflexes and athletic capacities, no respite was given to them.

Exercise of stopping a ball in different positions

To sum up?

To conclude, this training camp has shown that our U23 players are full of desire and only want to take up new challenges. The collective is very complicit and evolves together in harmony. Of course, there is still work to do but we can’t help but think that they are on the right track ! We can’t wait for the next games and the realization of the efforts of this beautiful team !

A player with a ball on his feet moving on the field, while the goalkeepers are practicing in the background
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The French B1 team in Japan for the World Grand Prix

New step in the preparation for the Paralympic Games : France will participate in the World Grand Prix which will also take place in Tokyo from May 30th to June 5th 2021. This is the first official tournament of the IBSA (“International Blind Sport Association”) for almost 18 months !
The French B1 team will be present at this major event in Japan, which will be a rehearsal for the Paralympic Games.

Official logo of International Blind Sport Association

Some of the world’s best blind football teams will be in Tokyo at the end of May 2021. The French will have the opportunity to compete against Japan, Argentina (winner of the previous edition of the World Grand Prix), Thailand and finally Spain. Very nice matches in prospect which will be broadcasted live on the official website of the event.

What will France’s strategy be ?

After a series of games against Spain in April, national coach, Toussaint Akpweh, had the opportunity to test different tactical configurations. Some were successful (including a 4-0 win) while others were less successful.

So the question of the moment seems legitimate : will he, this time, continue to carry out configuration tests or is his goal to win the tournament ?

The situation of the coach is quite delicate. For the players, the staff and all the fans, a victory in a tournament of this importance would be crucial for morale. It would help build confidence before the Games.
On the other hand, the priority objective being the Paralympic medal : isn’t it too early to unveil our strategies ? If our opponents can observe carefully (and they will !) our way of playing, they will have plenty of time to adapt and think of ways to better counter us.

The strategy is going to be complex : to show our strengths to everyone to impress our opponents or not to reveal too much and create the surprise?

France warming up before a match against Spain in April 2021 : driving the ball and shooting at the goal

World Grand Prix Program

The French B1 team will take off for Tokyo on May 26 with a first match scheduled for May 30, 2021, on the first day of the tournament, against our hosts, Japan.

The opening match is expected to be Thailand versus Spain followed by Japan versus France.

The complete program as well as the selected French players will be communicated very soon on our site.

This event will be without spectators and will respect strict sanitary measures: regular tests of all participants and supervisors, restricted traffic zones and maximum limitation of contacts.

As mentioned above, all the matches will be broadcasted live on the tournament website. There is a time difference of + 7 hours between Paris and Tokyo.

Special coverage in Cécifoot France website

Our website and all our networks Cécifoot France will develop a special coverage so that you can follow this event from France and in French. Dedicated pages will be created to relay the scores, the program, the rankings, the French scorers and of course the links to follow the matches live.

Stay tuned, more information will be coming soon!

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